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Beijing Meiquan Palace Hotel won the title of 'Safe Restaurant'

Date: 2020-11-17

As the epidemic prevention and control into the normalized phase, the residents dine out growing demand, in order to better meet the requirements of residents comfortable dining, the management of the pursuit of perfection, improve food safety, Beijing schonbrunn hotel in strict accordance with the "epidemic prevention and control during the dining and business service guide" to begin the work, won the title of "restaurant" in Beijing.

Healthy dining environment and assured ingredients escort the health of every guest. Before entering the store, we conduct a series of work such as temperature measurement, health treasure inquiry and personal information registration for each guest. After sitting down, guide guests to sit at other tables, keep a distance of more than 1 meter to eat. When dining, provide the guests with public chopsticks and spoons, and advocate eating separately, so as to avoid the spread of bacteria in the dining process to the greatest extent and ensure health and safety. When checking out, direct guests to check out in order at one-meter line.

I shop not only will the epidemic prevention safety work in place of dining-room, also strengthened the kitchen food safety management work, to do "incoming material strictly, storage management standardization, rationalization processing production, the production control of fine", and through the pictures, posters, display a variety of ways, such as epidemic prevention propaganda, beyond the basic cognition of guests for food safety, in order to win the trust of customers.

Beijing Meiquangong Hotel has always taken "let customers eat at rest" as the basic management concept of the restaurant, committed to providing customers with nutritious, reasonable and healthy meals!